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Before my stay in Givaho

Can you give us advice ? It’s our first time.

Absolutely, we have been visiting Florida for many years. Please feel free to ask at any time, including when you are staying in Givaho.

How can I book Givaho ?

Go to Check Availability and fill in your arrival and departure date, with how many people you intend to stay, your contact info, your comments, questions, suggestions or special requests, then click on CHECK AVAILABILITY, you will be taken to another page showing your information, please double check and correct if necessary, answer a few additional questions about your preferences and click on SUBMIT MY PREFERENCES.

Within 24 to 48 hours you will receive our best price when available, if not or only partly available, we’ll let you know the dates still available.

How can I pay Givaho ?

Givaho will email you a PayPal generated invoice AFTER you approve your quotation.

In the email you will see

  • All reservation details & price.
  • A “View and Pay Invoice” link.

When you click on this link you will see the invoice and a payment button.

When you have a PayPal account you can login and approve the payment.

When you have no PayPal account you will be asked to submit your credit card details in order to make the payment.

PayPal is a secure payment processor, only PayPal will know your credit card details, Givaho does not receive your credit card information, only your payment.

Still got questions ?

Please contact us and we will try our best to help you asap.

What if Givaho is not available or I require additional accommodation ?
We have access to similar quality housing next door and across the street and will happily direct you to the owners.
What is the maximum number of people allowed in Givaho ?
Givaho has been designed and furnished to sleep up to 10 people in 5 bedrooms along with 5.5 bathrooms.

Many groups have as little as 2, 3, 4 or 5 people staying and simply prefer the extra space and suites.

When do I send a deposit and you send us the final details ?
One week before your arrival we’ll send you a deposit request, as soon as we receive your deposit, we’ll forward to you the final details.

When do I send a deposit and you send us the final details ?
One week before your arrival we’ll send you a deposit request, as soon as we receive your deposit, we’ll forward to you the final details.

During my stay in Givaho

Are pets allowed ?
No pets are allowed.

Are the pool and jacuzzi heated ?
The pool and jacuzzi can be heated, by agreement, for an additional cost as indicated on your quote.

Givaho recommends pool heating from October through April. The pool and jacuzzi are heated to the maximum temperature allowed under Florida law.

Are there hair dryers in the bathrooms ?
Yes, indeed

Are there restaurants or stores nearby ?
There are hundreds of restaurants and stores nearby.

See directions for lots of restaurants and shops.

Can I keep in touch with friends and family back home ?
Yes !

For your convenience Givaho has 5 telephones available for US calls.

Givaho also has a free fast broadband connection, just bring your laptop or other devices.

Do you have a fax machine in the office?
No, but we do have a flatbed scanner.

Do we have to bring bed linen/towels etc. ?
Givaho is fully equipped for all your likely holiday requirements.

Bed linen and towels and pool towels are provided.

A small initial supply of soap and toilet paper etc. are provided which you will have to top-up as required

How do we enter the property?
Alarm and keypad entry codes will be sent to you as soon as your security deposit has been received and confirmed.

How far away are the main attractions ?
Givaho is only 5.7 miles or 9.2 km [ 9 minutes drive ] from Walt Disney World Resort, Sea World is 15.5 miles or 25.0 km [ 21 minutes drive ] away and Universal Studios is 19.3 miles or 31.1 km [ 25 minutes away ].

See directions for lots of attractions, golf resorts, restaurants and shops.

If I encounter a problem, what should I do ?

If you have an urgent issue or question, you can contact our local housekeeper. She will help you quickly and friendly.

For not so urgent issues or questions, please contact us through the Givaho website and we reply within 24 to 48 hours.

All contact numbers are send by email after receipt of your security deposit one week before your arrival.

Is smoking allowed ?
For the comfort and safety of all guests, smoking is strictly prohibited within Givaho which is fitted with smoke detectors linked to the security system.

Smoking is also prohibited on the pool deck around the pool.

Is there a printer in the house which we can use ?
There is a wireless EPSON printer, you can connect the printer with your laptop through the wifi.

​Is there a scale in the house ?
Yes, you will find the scale in one of the bathrooms.

​What if we get ill while we are away?
We recommend that all visitors to Givaho ensure that they have full travel insurance, including medical cover as treatment in the States can be expensive.

If you have cover and you and unlucky enough to need to use it, call your insurance company first. The insurance company will usually take care of everything, often getting a doctor out to see you or giving you details of the doctor you need to see.

For first aid and pharmacies there is a Walgreens pharmacy nearby [ 2.6 miles – 4.2 km – 4 minutes drive ].

​What services are provided ?
Givaho is professionally cleaned prior to your arrival and the pool and garden are tended to on a weekly basis.

After my stay in Givaho

When do I get my security deposit back ?

Immediately after your departure, the house will be checked.

If there is no broken, lost or missing items or damage or excessive cleaning required or excessive garbage left behind or excessive billing of utilities [ water and electricity ], you will be fully refunded within 30 days after departure.

If there is an issue, pictures will be taken and emailed to you.

An estimate or invoice will be prepared and emailed to you.

After your approval, the issue will be fixed or replaced and paid from your deposit, the balance will be refunded within 30 days after your approval.

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